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Chateau de Tanlay in Burgundy, France

Tanlay is one of the most famous castles in France due to the fact that the appearance of the castle is often used in movies. One of them is Angelique, Marquise des Angels. In this article I will tell about castle, its history, the interior and conditions of visiting.

In 1553 Francois d'Andelot started the construction of Tanlay on the foundations of an old fortified castle. His brother Gaspard de Coligny used to meet there with his Protestant allies, at the top of the "Tour de la Ligue". An amazing fresco attributed to the School of Fontainebleau can be admired here showing the most significant politicians of the Religious Wars period as antique gods and goddesses.

Mazarin's finacial administrator Michel Particelli had the castle completed from 1643 to 1648. Architect Pierre le Muet realized this beautiful whole including the big and the small castle, the outbuildings, and the Grand Canal leading to the monumental nymphaeum. King's court artist Remy Vuibert painted the exceptional Large Gallery in the "trompe l'oeil" style after designs by Nicolas Poussin.

The domain was raised to a marquisat for the benefit of Particelli's son-in-law, and sold in 1704 to Jehan Thevenin, a counsellor of Louis XIV and governor of Saint Denis. Thevenin was comfirmed as Marquis of Tanlay by the "Sun King". Tanlay still belongs to the same family, of which each generation has contributed to the castle's interiors maintenance and enrichment.

So the castle now is private, but head of family wants that it will be open for visitors. Nowdays tourist can visit the left side of castle Tanlay. Countess and her family are still living in the right side of the castle.

Here is the official website of castle Tanlay

Tanlay is located 200km to south-east from Paris near city Tonnerre in Burgundy. There is a train staion in this city, but the castle situated 9km from it. Castle is open from April to November from 10 to 17.15. On Tuesday castle is closed. Visiting possible only with the guide. Each tour lasted for 1 hours and starts from 10,11.15,14.15,15.15,16.15,17.15. Guide speaks french and english.

Full price for the entrance - 10 euro, kids - 5 euro.

Third owner of the castle - Jehan Thevenin

Closed for visitors side of the castle

Garden, which is also closed for visitors

In castle you can visit 8 large rooms with original furniture of 16-18 century and older. And we know that royal persons slept in some beds in this rooms. Thats why to the security reasons making photo is forbidden inside the castle except hall of hauls, illusions corridor and tower.

Real hanting hauls getted by last owners

Ekaterina Medici as a sphinx

Marchind dresser of XVII century

Painting with very interesting plot

Illusions corridor

Very old map of Paris

Floor for servants

One the most interesting places in castle is its tower which Gaspard de Coligny used for meetings with his Protestant allies. Top of it has a fresco showing polical scene of France of that time in the image of ancient gods. Left side shows catholics and right - huguenots. Among huguenots should be the figure of Coligny's brother but it was not finished. And now it looks as a history of struggle, where catholics wiped off all huguenots and all brothers Coligny, which were killed.



Another side of the castle which can be seen by visitors through the window is kitchen

There is a moat around the castle which is used for fishing

Besides the main castle on its territory there are large park using for golf, mews and small castle-gates. Entrance to the territory is free

Small castle

Another side of small castle



For assistance in visiting the castle I want to thank its staff Ksenia Mamay и Benoît Martineau.

One of the guides

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